Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the SportMastTM legal?

Although we cannot provide legal opinions, SportMast, Inc. has consulted with a legal firm to research motor vehicle codes and speak with police and highway patrol officers in twenty-three states that have a major league sports team. The only concern revealed by this research is for codes relating to the “obstruction of the rear license plate.” Many states require that the view of the license plate from the rear of the vehicle not be obstructed in any way. While a citation related to such a statute would be at the discretion of the attending police officer, we suggest that users of SportMastTM utilize the optional license plate frame attached to the SportMastTM to avoid any possible conflict with such a statute.

Our research has led us to conclude that the SportMastTM is in the same category as bike and ski rack carriers that connect to a trailer hitch. Although these products also obstruct the view of the license plate, they are commonly accepted and in widespread use and consumers rarely, if ever, get cited for using them.

On a personal note, I have attended approximately 60 sports events traveling on major Los Angeles, California interstates over the last year and have never been pulled over. But, I have received several smiles and “thumbs up” from police officers along the way.

2. What colors are available?

(Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, & Silver) See website.

3. What are they made of?

Powder Coated, Uni-body Constructed steel with burnished, stainless steel eye-bolts to fasten the flag. See website.

4. Is it hard to handle and use?
No, it only weighs approximately 14 lbs and all you do is secure it to your trailer hitch receiver with the enclosed Hitch-Pin, fasten you flags to the two snap hooks and go.

5. Can it be operated at highways speeds?

Yes. It is made of a sturdy gauge steel that will easily stand up to highway speed limits. The flag may fray with repeated trips to the stadium but the SportMastTM is built to last.

6. What size trailer hitch does the SportMastTM fit?

It is designed to fit a 2 inch receiver but adaptors are available for 1 1/4/” receivers at for approximately $39.99.

7. Can I get a trailer hitch receiver on my car to use the SportMastTM?

Yes. A 2 inch receiver can be installed on your car by dealers who sell trailer Hitches such as U-HAUL or independent dealers. The cost depends upon the vehicle but averages $250 for cars and $350 for buses.

8. Is there any assembly required?

The SportMastTM is completely assembled and ready to be secured to the hitch of your vehicle. Just secure it with the enclosed hitch pin (can be locked for anti theft) attach your 3' x 5' flag with the snap-hooks on your SportMastTM and go.

9. What size flag does the SportMastTM fly?

A 3' x 5' flag with grommets (standard).

10. What is the tailgate extension?

When you arrive to the stadium, if tailgating is intended, the tailgate extension is attached to the trailer hitch of your vehicle so that the SportMastTM is attached positioned to the side of your vehicle allowing access to the cargo area. See website.

11. Are there any anti-theft precautions for the SportMastTM?

The enclosed hitch pin that attaches the SportMastTM to your vehicles trailer-hitch receiver is pad-padlock-able for anti-theft measures. It is recommended that the user utilize this precaution given that they are nice and human nature being what it can be.